Virtual Reality Campus

The Nite School Virtual Reality Campus represent a world first in online training technology.


The resources include the Learning Management System or LMS which keeps track of your work and assignments.


The electronic textbooks which can be read on any computer or mobile device.


The electronic lecture hall and classroom is where you attend lectures and tutorials.


The tutorial areas and student amenities and collaborative learning centre.


looking at hall at night 002

A colourful and exciting new learning experience doing your course as a NITE School avatar

The incredible electronic classroom

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Lessons are conducted in real time and offer a rich array of learning tools.

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looking at hall at night 008

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The Virtual Reality Campus offers a rich array of resources and learning materials.

A beautiful place to learn

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Experience Virtual Reality for yourself - a wonderful and colourful environment.

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New technology that is unique to Nite School

The client/server platform was developed by Nite School and students to do their course completely online and become AVATARS in a Virtual Campus.

Life Coaching Manual

Life Coaching Manual Arabic

An fabulous new way to study and learn

If you have never experienced Virtual Reality before then you are in for an amazing experience.


A new way in online collaborative learning

The NITE School Virtual Reality Campus is where students become avatars and can talk and interact in real time with their tutors and other students.

Stunning vistas

Interact with your trainers and other students in real time with crystal clear audio and video.

Tutorial regions for developing your skills.


Tou will enjoy socializing with other students.

You can fly to anywhere in the NITE School.

setup pc  screens

The control room.

The NITE School Administration building.

nite school building 2